Summer Preparedness Safety Tips

Also see: Winter Safety

Flash Flooding

Preparations at home and work:

When traveling or outdoors:

Flash Flood Safety


NOAA Floods

FEMA Floods

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Before the Storm:

If a Warning is issued or if threatening weather approaches:


NOAA Tornadoes

FEMA Tornadoes

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Safety Tips for Inside the Home

Safety Tips for Outside the Home

NOAA Lightning

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Heat Safety

Preventing Heat Illness

Signs of Heat Illness

Treating Heat Illness


NOAA Heat Safety

FEMA Extreme Heat

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NOAA Radio

A NOAA Weather Radio with EAS audio alarms can help inform you of dangerous weather approaching.

NWR broadcasts NWS warnings, watches, forecasts and other non-weather related hazard information 24 hours a day. During an emergency, NWS forecasters interrupt routine broadcasts and send a special tone activating local weather radios. Weather radios with a special alarm tone feature are equipped to sound an alert to give immediate information about life-threatening weather.

Radios with S.A.M.E. receive the same alerts and warnings as the NOAA radios, but allow users to adjust reception for specific counties. This keeps false alarms to a minimum.

Listen to NOAA Radio

NOAA Radio Info

Weather Radio Buyer's Guide